What You Need To Know About Female Self Defense

When it comes to female self defense, many women believe that if they can just make a lot of noise with a whistle or an alarm, it will be enough to scare off a would-be attacker and summon help. Sadly, this is not always the case. Many things can go wrong with this plan. For example, a woman could be taken by surprise and unable to sound an alarm. If the alarm is sounded, the attacker might be enraged by it and the attack worsened. As we all know, in this day and age cries for help are often ignored. What options do women have for self defense? In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective defense options for women available today.

female self defenseWomen are very often victims of rape, domestic violence, purse snatching, carjacking, muggings stalking and/or threats. Assailants often correctly believe that women will be easy targets and will not defend themselves. In one way, this works in a woman’s favor because if she does fight back, she will have the element of surprise on her side.

One of the first and best methods of female self defense is precaution. To avoid becoming the target of an assault, it is wise for anyone to avoid high crime areas, develop a buddy system with a friend and always be alert and aware of surroundings. Make an effort to display confidence, competence and strength so as not to be singled out as weak and vulnerable.

It is a good idea for all people to stay fit and strong; however, for women this has the added attraction of making them less likely to be targeted for assault. One excellent way to stay fit and strong and gain an effective means of female self defense is to take up martial arts or some other form of unarmed (empty-handed) fighting technique. Taking this sort of training is empowering and helps a woman develop a sense of confidence and security that may, in itself, help prevent her being attacked.

While it is true that these precautions for avoiding being attacked apply to both men and women, the fact is women are statistically more likely to fall prey to assailants. In fact, women are approximately twenty-five percent more likely to be victims of violent crime than men. For this reason, it is important that women know and practice common sense methods of avoiding potentially dangerous situations as a first line of defense against attack.

There are a number of ways women can practice prevention as a means of self defense in the home. Keeping a dog is a good idea. Even a small dog will deter break-ins because of the noise and unpredictability of the animal. Large dogs may be more immediately impressive; however, it is important that a woman choose a watchdog that is a good match for her ability to train and handle it. An effective bond between mistress and dog will result in better protection when the chips are down.

All people should be careful of leaving windows unlocked or leaving the home unattended for lengthy periods of time, but this is especially true for women. If the home is to be unattended for several days due to vacation or some other reason, it is important to have a neighbor bring in the mail and newspapers and turn lights off and on in various parts of the house to avoid encouraging break-ins and potential assaults.

What about being armed as a means of female self defense?

There are a number of different types of aerosol sprays on the market these days that are intended for use in self defense. Pepper spray is a very common form of aerosol defense spray that has been quite prominent in recent news. This spray works by blinding the assailant, constricting the airways and inflicting pain. A Scoville Heat Unit rating between one and two million is advised for greatest effectiveness. In some cases, pepper spray can be lethal.

We hear a lot about tasers in the news these days. These potentially lethal weapons work by shooting metal barbs connected to electrified wires into the intended target. This is understandably effective; however, regulations regarding permission to carry a taser vary from locality to locality. Before a woman pursues this defense option, it would be wise to consult local police and an attorney to be sure of all applicable laws.

Female self defense with firearms is not as common as the use of aerosol sprays or tasers; however, today many women do purchase guns to defend themselves. Women who choose this self defense option must avail themselves of proper training to learn how to safely handle and maintain a firearm. Following this, any woman who hopes to be able to use a firearm for protection must participate in regular target practice for ultimate comfort and accuracy in the use of the weapon. Proper licensing and registration is a must.

Hand-held bludgeons such as the Kubota (a 6-inch metal cylinder), clubs, bats and so on are a poor alternative for self defense for most women. The same is true of options such as brass knuckles or knives. The reason for this is that, for these alternatives to be wielded effectively, the combatants must be in close quarters and the person wielding the weapon must be quite strong, bold and accurate. The fact of the matter is, these types of weapons are easy for an assailant to take away and use against a woman who attempts to use them for self defense.

Female self defense is an important topic and one all women and their families, friends and acquaintances should take quite seriously. Most women can stay safe by avoiding situations in which they are likely to be victimized. Adding a layer of protection by staying fit and strong, learning about self defense and practicing smart safety awareness habits in the home is extremely wise. Weapons and self defense training adds a final layer of protection that should help any woman defend herself when necessary.

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