All Is Fair in Love and Self-Defense

All is fair in love and war. We’ve all heard that before. While self-defense may not be defined as “war,” all is still fair. It is important to remember that when you are in a situation that calls for self-defense.

Self-defense is not about fighting fair or honorably. There is nothing fair about a 200-pound man attacking a 100-pound woman. There is nothing honorable about it, either. Your opponent, in this sense, has already made the rules — there are no rules.

This is the one area in life where fighting dirty doesn’t matter. Fight as dirty as you have to in order to get away. Some things that are commonly used in self-defense that are never used in “fair” or “honorable” fights include eye gouging, kneeing or kicking the testicles, foot stomping, and of course “faking” your opponent out.

Don’t be afraid of employing any of these techniques if it means getting away from your attacker — and put all of the force that you can muster behind those techniques as well. Don’t worry about hurting yourself. Don’t worry about your belongings. Don’t worry about anything other than getting away.

It is important to remember that you are not in a sanctioned boxing match — whether you are a man or a woman. You have been attacked, and this attacker means to do you physical, bodily harm. He may even intend to take your life. All the rules of fair fighting have flown out of the window at this point!

Because he means you bodily harm, it is also important not to stick around to see what he looks like after the fight. It is important to get away and to get to safety. Don’t worry for one second what he looks like — or what you look like either. Fight as dirty as possible, and get away as quickly as possible!

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