Self Defense Techniques to Ward Off a Potential Assailant

If someone were to attack you physically, would you be able to defend both yourself and also your loved ones?

This is something we don’t generally wish to think about, but unfortunately, violence is a fact of life.

Nevertheless, regardless of your size, your strength, or any previous training you’ve had, it’s possible to learn a number of useful self defense techniques. Let’s look at some scenarios now.

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The Best Defense is Always Prevention

Do keep in mind that the best form of self defense is prevention. No matter what objective an attacker has, they are looking for vulnerable and unsuspecting targets. Therefore, be aware of your surroundings, try to park your car and walk only in well-lit areas if it’s night time, and also – if you walk the same route every day – you may consider varying the route from time to time.

Should there be a reason, if you can either get away or defuse a situation by talking with a potential attacker, then do so. Or, if need be, hand over your wallet or your handbag. After all, your possessions are not worth your health, or for that matter, your life.

However, if violence becomes unavoidable, you’ll want to know how to defend yourself, even when it’s against someone who is bigger than you are. Here are a few basic techniques of self defense that can work well to ensure your safety.

Get Loud and Push Back

If your attacker makes it clear he (or she) wants to get aggressive, and escape is not an option, shout at them – “back off!” or words to that effect. If they touch you, push them away. This let’s your attacker realize you’re not such an easy target. Plus, if you shout, you may attract the attention of others to your plight. This may not work to dissuade every attacker, but for those who are merely looking for easy prey, it could be enough to warn them off.

Hitting the Body

Attractive young couple fighting.If you become involved in a confrontation, you don’t have much time to decide what to do before the fight has a negative outcome. Prior to an attacker gaining the upper hand, you must try to do everything you can to inflict an injury upon them.

With that said, you should aim at the body parts where you can do the most damage – the neck, eyes, nose, groin, ears, legs, or knees.

You need to strike at the body part, and with the body part, depending on how close your attacker is to you, and what position they employ. If, for example, you can reach their knee with a kick, don’t be tempted to get closer in order to strike at the nose. Keep your distance as much as possible.

Nevertheless, if you need to strike at the upper part of the body, use the outer part of your hand, or your knuckle, or use a palm strike for softer targets such as around the head.

Use your knuckles or fingers to scratch, gouge, or poke at your attacker’s eyes. Other than causing a lot of discomfort, it can fully disable the attacker.

Should the attacker be right in front of you, strike up and under the nose area with the heel of your palm. Be sure to throw your wait into the punch in order to inflict the most pain. And if they already have a grip on you, this will force them to loosen the grip. If your attacker is behind you, use your elbow to strike at the nose to the side or at the front.

The side of the neck makes for a fairly large target, and the jugular vein and carotid artery are situated within this area. You might want to use a knife hand strike (fingers straight and tightly held together, thumb tucked into the palm of the hand and bent a little at the knuckle) in order to stun your assailant on the side of their neck.

Furthermore, you can use your elbow to thrust into your attacker’s throat, while at the same time, pitching your body forward in order to provide the blow with extra weight.

The knees (or knee) is an ideal target for self defense. It’s easily kicked and the chances of your foot being grabbed are minimal. Plus, the knees are vulnerable from every angle. To partially incapacitate your assailant due to imbalance, or cause injury, kick at the side of the knee.

Maximizing Damage

Using the head, knees, or elbows, you can really maximize damage inflicted.

Otherwise, use a weapon. You can utilize objects that you regularly carry around to enhance your self defense techniques, or perhaps something that can be found within your environment. If you have a pen or key, grab it between your middle finger and ring finger and use it to strike out. Women can use hairspray or perfume by aiming the spray at the assailant’s eyes. Inspiration can be gained by watching a few Jackie Chan movies.

These are just a few self defense techniques that may be used in order to incapacitate an assailant, at least for long enough to make your escape. Do remember however, if it’s at all possible to get out of a potentially difficult situation, make that your priority. Your own safety is at the very top of the list!

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