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Avoid Being A Victim of Crime With These Personal Safety Tips

There are a number of ways that you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of crime by taking a few basic precautions. Unfortunately crime is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society and you can be in danger at home or work or even just when you are out and about doing your routine activities. Following these simple personal safety tips can help avoid putting your life and possessions in danger.

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When You Are At Home

If you arrive home late at night leave your headlights on until you have entered your garage or unlocked your front door.

If you have taken a taxi home ask the driver to wait until you have unlocked your door and are inside your home.

Make sure you have your front door key in your hand when you get home so you can get inside straight away.

When you move into a new home or apartment have your locks changed or re-keyed.

Don’t open your door before checking out who is visiting you. Either check through the window or have a peep hole fitted in your door.

Make sure you have a good lock or deadbolt fitted on your door, don’t rely on the safety chain locks they don’t deter intruders.

Don’t dress or undress in front of an open window you never know who is watching; always close the curtains or blinds.

Don’t allow anyone you don’t know into your home until they have shown you identification.

If someone comes to your door asking to use the phone, ask them to wait outside whilst you make the call for them.

Install motion sensor lights outside your home or leave your lights on at night.

If you get wrong number calls on your phone don’t provide your name or number to the caller.

If someone calls you and makes obscene suggestions hang up and call the police.

If you arrive home and suspect that you have an intruder don’t go inside, go to your nearest neighbor and call the police.

When You Are Out and About Follow These Personal Safety Tips

Don’t carry large amounts of money in your purse or pocket.

Make sure you get whatever money you need for the night from an ATM or cash point during the daytime.

If possible avoid going out at night on your own.
Don’t walk down deserted streets or dark alleys, stay in brightly lit areas.

If you are leaving a club or other function to go to your car in the car park, ask someone to escort you if possible.

Try and park your car in a lighted area of the car park.

If a stranger accosts you or makes a comment on the street, ignore them and keep walking.

Never accept a lift in a car from someone you don’t know.

Avoid getting into the elevator with someone you don’t know, or if this is unavoidable stand near the control panel so you can hit the buttons if accosted.

If you need to travel use a car or bus.  Htchhiking is not safe and you are leaving yourself vulnerable.

When you are walking outside always be alert and aware of your surroundings, and any suspicious characters lurking nearby.

If you are working late and on your own keep the doors to the premises locked.

Its often exciting when you make new friends but until you know them better only give them your phone numbers not your address. If it’s a first date make sure you tell friends or family where you will be going. Choose a public place for your first meeting.

If you are out on your own at night don’t over indulge in alcohol, you need to be alert.

What to Do If Attacked


Stay calm and try to talk your assailant down and to letting you go.

Don’t be intimidated, try to look confident.

Try and stall for time until someone can help you.

If possible try and distract your attacker and then run toward somewhere there are people, if no one is nearby then try and hide.

Scream as loud as possible to attract the attention or anyone who may be nearby.

If you are threatened with a weapon, you will have to quickly assess the best course of action for you to take, based on your physical ability, location and the possibility of being able to get away safely.

You are advised not to carry a weapon such as a gun, club or knife.  Remember they could always be used against you.

If you do become the victim of a crime you must report it to the police. Try and remember as many details as you can about the attacker and the location to help the police catch your assailant and prevent other incidents occurring. By not reporting a crime you are allowing your assailant to keep operating.

Taking precautions by following these personal safety tips could save your life.

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