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Quality Self Defense Weapons For Women

Imagine for a moment that you’re walking out of work one night around 11pm.  The city is quiet, and your car is parked at the far end of the parking lot.  As you approach it, you notice that the streetlight around your car is broken, so it is quite dark.  Thinking nothing is wrong, you simply unlock your car with your remote and head over towards it.  That’s when it happens, someone jumps out of the shadows and attacks you, demanding your purse.  It is nightmarish moments like these that make it essential for self defense weapons for women to be carried at all times.

No one wants to be caught in a bad situation with no means to defend themselves.  But the good news is that there are various forms of self defense weapons for women out there that can protect each and every woman from that above scenario.  Being familiar with these products and actively owning one is one of the best approaches to staying safe in the dark.

Stun Guns: Perhaps one of the best self defense weapons a woman can own is a keychain stun gun, since most attacks happen as a woman is going to get into her car.  These simple little devices attach to your keyring as easy as any key would.  They can easily be recharged while at the office by simply plugging it into the wall, which will also keep you from losing your keys in a cluttered desk.  And since as you’re heading to your car, you will naturally have your keys in your hand, you are fully armed and prepared to use it on any would be attacker.  A must have for women everywhere.

Pepper SprayedSprays: Some women are also investing in a variety of self defense products to keep themselves safe.  Items such as mace, and pepper spray are purchased primarily by women for their self protection.  These items are affordable and non lethal options.  Manufacturers are making pepper spray and canisters of mace, palm sized so that they can easily fit into the pockets, purses and the palms of women.  This makes them easily portable and discreet.  Some types of mace and pepper spray are so compact that they can be carried on a ring of keys and not alert anyone of their presence.   They do not want to advertise that they are carrying self protection products with them.

Mace and pepper spray seem to be the female self defense product that most women prefer.  Because they can be easily carried and concealed they are the product of choice for the majority of women that purchase them.  They also require very little training to be used effectively.  The sales representative in the defense store can easily demonstrate how the product works within a couple of minutes.  The purchasing of mace or pepper spray is also relatively straight forward as the limitations of who can purchase them vary from state to state and there are very few age restrictions on their purchase.  Another aspect of mace and pepper spray that attracts consumers is that you do not require a permit or special authorization to have them in your possession.

Personal Alarms: For some women, self defense isn’t always an option when panic starts to set in.  So another path that can be taken to ensure personal safety, is the use of a personal alarm attached once again to your keychain.  If a would be attacker should approach, simply press and hold the panic button down.  A 120 decibel alarm will sound instantly.  While this alarm won’t do any real damage to attackers, it is certainly loud enough to frighten them away in case someone else hears it.  And unlike other self defense weapons for women, there is no aiming required.  Simply press the button and start running to safety.

Car Or Home Alarms: These can protect doors and windows and will sound an alarm if there is tampering. Some can detect motion as well. Much like the personal alarm, these won’t do much to harm an attacker.  But the loud audio disturbance should be enough to scare attackers away and call for help.

Firearms:  While a handgun may be the last line of self defense for most women, it is an effective one when paired with the proper classes.  Be sure to carry a concealed weapon permit.  In even the most dire of situations, a personal firearm can save your life or the life of a loved one.

In conclusion, women are no longer allowing themselves to be victimized.  They are empowering themselves and finding ways to keep themselves safe, whether they are at work, jogging, in a social setting or at home.  They are making sure that they are protected at all times. Don’t let you or your loved ones be caught off guard by any attacker.

Protect yourself with one of the many self defense weapons for women.  Doing so will make sure you and your loved ones can sleep soundly at night.

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