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Types Of Stun Guns For Self Defense

There are several salient points regarding stun guns that you should be aware of prior to purchasing one. Stun guns are a popular self-defense device used primarily by females to increase their personal safety, of course they are also routinely used in law enforcement as a non-lethal way to apprehend suspects. Stun guns are sold worldwide but the bulk of the sales are in the U.S., since they are not legal in some nations. In addition, some states and municipalities in the U.S. have banned their use by private citizens.

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How Stun Guns Work

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Stun guns for self defense are normally hand-held devices that are powered by batteries. They generate an electric charge that is designed to disable an assailant for as long as ten minutes. The body’s muscles will contract when the charge is applied to a person. This muscle contraction uses all the glucose that is store in the muscles and it is converted to lactic acid. After the muscles become saturated with lactic acid they can no longer contract and the assailant loses body control.

The electric shock will emanate from two, or more than two, prongs on the end of the stun gun. Every stun gun as a minimum on one safety feature, a lot of them have two. The electric charge will travel between the prongs of the stun gun and produce an intimidating display that may cause a potential assailant to retreat.

It is recommended that you display your charging stun gun, since the visual and audio display will sometimes scare away an assailant.

There are a number of different models of stun guns and all of them have efficacy. The traditional model has a slight curve on its end to ease application to an assailant. The newer models include flashlight types, stun batons, stun devices that look like cell phones, and other types of devices that are disguised.

You should be cognizant of the fact that stun guns are not always effective. Most of the time they work, but they don’t work about 15% of the time. They tend to not work well on people who are intoxicated by either drugs or alcohol.

Many stun guns have additional features that you should take note of to get the most from your purchase. The majority of them will have an included flashlight, and many will have an alarm. A very important safety feature is a called a pin wrist disable strap. This safety feature will prevent someone from using the stun gun against you, should they be able to take it away from you during a confrontation. The device will be disabled and useless for an assailant to use should he wrest it from your control.

Types Of Stun Guns For Self Defense

In the past stun guns for self defense were solely battery operated. To make the device more powerful, an increased number of batteries was required. Therefore, powerful stun guns were large and bulky. Superior batteries and technology that allows recharging now allow stun guns to have more power and less bulk.

There are a number of different styles of stun guns. As we mentioned earlier, the traditional type of stun gun had a curved handle to make for easier application. This type of device was common about 12 years ago. Some of these types of stun gun are still marketed today. They are a bit outdated, but they remain effective.

Batons are an additional type of stun gun. Batons are usually quite large and they work well to intimidate assailants. Security guards, bouncers, and bodyguards can make use of a baton type of stun gun with very good efficacy. However, they should not be utilized as a self defense baton, since they are not solid, they should only be utilized as a device for stunning.

Today, the styles that are most popular are disguised types, which are relatively small. Stun flashlights are also popular. We will describe each type so you will understand the features that make them so popular.

A good example of a small stun device is the hotshot. It produces 4.5 million volts and it is packaged so that it is only 3.5 inches in  height.  The hotshot is one of the smaller stun guns that are on the market. There is another model that is small enough to fit on a key chain. You can carry it wherever you travel, since it is attached to your commonly used keys. Despite the small size of these models, they remain quite powerful.

Another popular style of stun gun are the stun flashlights. The reason for their popularity is quite simple, they have more than one purpose. The are useful as a flashlight, utility tool, and a weapon for self defense. This type of stun gun can easily be carried in your car’s glove compartment.

Probably the type of stun guns that are currently most popular are models that are disguised.  They provide an element of surprise during a confrontation, which can be a valuable advantage. An assailant will not have the expectation of resistance from a person using a cell phone. However, if your cell phone is a stun gun that is disguised, he may be in for the biggest shock of his life!

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